can we also note that in the middle gifs Bucky has proper trigger discipline and the fucking Winter Soldier has shitty TD so is it that Hydra made him give no fucks about gun safety because people are just collateral? I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS WAS INTENTIONAL ON SEB’S PART (via thescarlettfangirl)

this is an EXCELLENT POINT and I’m going to talk about it. in gun safety the first thing you learn is 1: do not ever point your gun at something unless you are going to shoot it and 2: do not ever put your finger on the trigger unless you’re going to put a bullet through something.

Bucky Barnes knows the importance of trigger safety. Bucky Barnes was trained by the US Army to never put his finger on the trigger unless he was going to absolutely shoot something

The Winter Soldier is a weapon. The only time the Soldier is ever given a weapon, he is absolutely going to shoot something.  It’s his mission. It’s all he does. Thaw, wipe, point, shoot, kill, freeze, repeat. It’s as natural to him as anything can be—a finger on the trigger and intent to kill on his mind


and burn so bright


and burn so bright

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did someone say modern AU Merlin on social media?

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Just as long as you know that someday I will

Captain America vol. 5 to Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Steve Rogers vs Chris Evans - The Winter Soldier Gag Reel (x)


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make me choose: Natasha Romanoff or Maria Hill (for Monz)